Roundism - 20-08-20

Roundism - 20-08-20I didn't need to add much to the reference picture, only abstract the bodyscape some more. It looked surreal to begin with so I exaggerated the curve of her arm and let it flow into the round movement of the shoulder part, as some kind of natural continuation. The circle behind her back is a compostionary element called 'invertion' and serves as a counterbalance and guidance for the spectator to follow the bodyscape to the bottom of the page.Within the positive form of the body I put it some circular structures, almost looking 'bloated', creating conical mass after the fine paintings by Tamara de Lempicka. She is and always will be a great inspirational source.Click here if you want to read further on my website, where I explain my process of dissociation and association.
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Roundism - 08-09-16

Roundism - 08-09-16 Part of the 18 Variations of the same theme. This one I drew after the last one I did already was a year ago. Somehow I did not felt the series was finished yet. I did two oils on the theme: Roundism - 06-07-16 and Roundism - 12-02-17.  I sold it quickly and this roundism variation was a cornerstone for many to come. I like doing these roundish forms that remind me to Tamara de Lempicka's volumnous body scapes for a very long time.
For some reason this one turned out to look rather art deco. It is an artistic era gone by that I love very much. I often wonder why such eras do not come to pass nowadays. I feel that some kind of new movement in art is yearning but I cannot see the dawn of it yet. We are stuck in postmodernism, concept art and all things unaesthetic. Perhaps I did this art work to evoke some movement? Maybe you can tell...
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Golden brown – 24-08-20

Golden brown – 24-08-20I wanted to test some new paper I bought at Brugman Art, Voorburg, Netherlands, which is Talens Toned Colour Paper. What motif to use? Right, my regular model that shows great skin hues. Almost like Golden Brown, reminding to The Stranglers' song. I also happen to have Cretacolor pastel stick (gold) that I always wanted to try out but never found use for. I must say that both the gold stick as the paper suited to my needs.I kept a lot of the paper open so both the negative space (background) and the positive space (model) could communicate. The orange and yellow are saturated whereas the whites, light and dark blues serve as counterbalances to the saturation. There were some great angels she showed and I especially like the way the elbow is stretched, a feature only women can show in that particular fashion.If you want to read further you can visit my website here.
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